12 Jan 2012

Iced Tea

I was at a café the other day, craving iced tea. But it’s like $4.00 dollars for a really small bottle so I had something else instead.

And in my iced tea craving that followed, it occurred to me that iced tea is pretty much just tea and sugar, plus maybe a bit of flavouring.

So how the heck can shops get away with charging $4.00!!!!!!!!!

I’d made iced tea before, but only ever  lemon, but suddenly I realized how easy it would be to make it peach flavoured! (or any other flavor for that matter)!

And it was really yummy! And just like the stuff you get at the shops! Plus it probably cost less than a dollar to make the whole jug!

I used this fruity T2 tea (Strawberries and Cream), which gave it a lighter, sweeter taste, but you could use any black, green or herbal tea of your choosing.

 Basic Iced Tea Recipe

1 Tbsp Loose leaf tea or 1 tea bag of your choosing
1 and a ½ Tbsp Sugar
1 litre of boiling water

Put the teabags in a large jug (if using loose leaf be sure to put it in an infuser). Pour over the water and allow to infuse for five minutes, or until your tea is stronger than you wuld drink hot. Stir in the sugar until dissolved, and allow to cool before putting it in the fridge to cool completely. 


-       Peach flavor
Add 2 peeled, diced peaches to the jug with the teabags, before adding the water. Either remove it before serving or serve it in the tea.

-       Lemon Flavour
Add a tablespoon of lemon juice (or to taste) to the tea when you add the water. You may choose to add more sugar for a sweeter tea.


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