7 Jan 2012

Eva's Pasta

Happy New Year!
I have made a new years resolution to Blog at least once a week but haven't yet remembered to photograph anything while cooking it this week!! But I did photograph for my youngest daughter as she cooked her first family dinner (she will be cooking Tuesday Night Dinners for us now.)Her first effort was pasta made from scratch, with a roast pumpkin sauce, green salad and a bagette.
Her ingredients - bread flour, salt, extra virgin olive oil & 3 eggs.
Forming the pasta dough

rolling the pasta dough into thin strips (and adding some fresh corriander)
"shredding" the pasta strips into noodles.

Making the roast Pumpkin sauce (mashed roast pumpkin, cream, salt and pepper)
Presentation - (from the 9yr old Masterchef watcher)
As it was served up. delicious!

We look forward to her future Tuesday Dinners! 

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