24 Jan 2012

Sweet pizza - a new addition to pizza night

This Week we had our usual pizza night with a new addition. The girls had both been inspired by sweet pizza recipes that they had come across lately and so they made one each.
Eva's was a grape pizza from "Poh's Kitchen" by Poh Ling Yeow. This is her new book she chose with the book voucher she was awarded at Speech Day.
I have found a copy of the recipe on Poh's website -  Poh's Grape Pizza Recipe.

 Mia's was a sweet Ricotta and Sultana Pizza based on one in "Veg In" by Flip Sheldon - a favourite book that is still getting a lot of use though, sadly,  it will soon need to go back to the library.

Cinnamon Ricotta Dessert Pizza
150g Ricotta
2 tspn Brown Sugar
1 tspn Cinnamon
50g Sultanas (or other dried fruits "Veg in" suggested dried apricots) 

Combine ingredients in a small bowl

Spread on a pre-cooked pizza base
Warm in pre-heated 200C oven for about 5 minutes.

I made the ricotta for Mia to use in her pizza, (and topped the savoury Pizzas). 

Ian rolled out all the bases to everyones requirements. 

A true family effort!


NB - This weeks film was "the Spiderwick Chronicles" -Eva's Choice

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