31 Jan 2012

Pumpkin and Sweet Corn Frittata for a days sailing (in the rain)

In the dying days of the long summer holidays we were invited to join some friends on their yachting holiday for a day! We were to bring lunch (for 10), they took care of dinner.

We had eggs overflowing almost falling out of our refrigerator (from our reliable flock of 4 gorgeous chickens) so I decided to make a frittata.

I baked pumpkin, cooked sweet corn and chopped shallots and arranged them around my favourite frittata pan. (These were the vegies I had on hand - but many would work - we commonly use sweet potato or semi-dried tomato, sometimes caramelised onion, fried mushrooms, char-grilled zuchini or eggplant, basil. Meat eaters could add ham also.)

I topped it with some of my homemade ricotta (but you could use any almost any cheese here)

I cracked 12 eggs and whisked them with a little milk, salt and pepper and poured if over the vegetables. (I sometimes use cream but I didn't have any on hand)

I baked it for about 45 minutes on 180C. (I would have preferred on hour at 160C but was sharing the oven with Ian's sourdoughs.)

We served it with a green salad and a grainy sourdough Ian had baked. It was all eaten and enjoyed.
Ian's batch of sourdoughs - we took the large one on the left.

The day, sadly, rained heavily from beginning to end!! What happened to Sydney's summer!!! But it didn't stop lots of swimming, dam building, sailing, rides on the doughnut of the back of the boat, much fun and of course much eating!


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