4 Sept 2012

Sugar Free September

The weather is slowly getting brighter, the end of term is approaching, the mind-numbing busyness has a light shining at the end of a tunnel and I just cleared enough mental space to remember I have a blog!

I have just started "Sugar Free September". I have given up refined sugar for 30 days. Four days in I am not finding it too hard. It is good to read labels and remind yourself just how many things have sugar in them and how much. I have noticed some bad habits that have snuck in over the last year or so - BBQ sauce on breakfast eggs, Mango Chutney on curries, chocolate nightly. The mindfulness of the food choices shows you these things, but I have had perfectly good poached eggs, curry and nightly cuppas without the sugar.

I will start posting recipes again in the next few weeks (2.5 weeks til holidays!!) and will share my findings from the sugar free experiment in the coming weeks.

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