13 Sep 2012

"Raw" Chocolate Nut Balls

My favourite aunt has a lot of allergy issues and has adopted a largely raw food diet to help her sleep and feel OK. I have had some delicious things at her place, but had never made any myself until this week. She heard I was doing sugar-free September and gave me one of her "chocolates" to try. These are her treat to replace the commercial chocolate she can no longer eat. It was delicious. I took the recipe to make my own batch to help me through the month. Finding all the ingredients in suburbia was the trickiest part - but making them was easy. They are certainly helping with the after dinner cuppa which has always been accompanied by a small sweet treat. I'm sure I'll make them again after September finishes!

Raw Chocolate Nut Balls

300g raw cashews
85g raw almonds
30g  walnuts
30g raw sunflower seeds
4 Tbs golden flax seeds, ground
400g dates, pitted
60g raw unsweetened cacao (or unsweetened dutch cocoa if you can't get it)
2 tsp vanilla

Place nuts, sunflower seeds and ground flax seeds in food processor.
Mix well to finely chop the nuts and seeds.
Then add the dates gradually.
Then add cocoa and vanilla and process until well mixed.
Form into bite sized balls

Makes approx 50.

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