14 Mar 2012

Menu - March 12-18 2012 - leaning towards Italy

Another weeks menu for you. 

We've already had the first 2 nights meals. 

Lentil Frikkadels were fantastic, way tastier than we had imagined,  and will definitely be cooked here again. (Mia will post the details soon.)

The stir-fry was a little disappointing. The Bok Choy didn't come as promised in fruit co-op bag (probably due to the torrential rainfalls last week) so I used beans for green. Not quite the right feel, but simple and healthy. Tuesday night meals have to be quickies around here as  the packing of fruit co-op bags fills the gap between 'arriving home from work' and 'hungry family needing to eat' almost entirely!

Off to cook risotto now...


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