9 May 2012

BiBimBap inspired weeknight meal

I haven't written in so long!!!

Mostly because our meals have been a little uninspiring in light of the overwhelming busy-ness of this household over the last few weeks. Ian and Mia have been away for big chunks of time and there's a lot going on!

I promised myself I'd blog something tonight no matter what. So after working, taking Eva and I to the dentist, helping Eva with maths homework and some research on the Super Moon, cooking dinner, helping test Mia on Japanese Vocabulary for her year 9 exam tomorrow, washing up, re-registering the car on-line and changing the sticker, locking up the chooks and chasing both kids into bed later than is ideal here I am!!!

This was our dinner - a BiBimBap-ish dish!

I love real BibimBap and have made more authentic versions in the past with Kimchi and Marinated soybeans and the authentic Korean Beef. The idea hasn't surfaced for a while but I saw a Bibim Quinoa on Pinterest earlier in the week and was inspired to go there again - but this time as a Vegetarian.

I cooked Rice for the base (White for Eva, Brown for Mia to keep everyone happy!!)

For the Vegies I cooked:-

  • Shiitakes cooked with Ginger, Chilli and Mirin (Yum)
  • Carrot batons, stir fried
  • Wong Bok cabbage and Silverbeet stir-fried
  • Red capsicum slices
  • Fried Japanese eggplant rounds
  • Corn cut off the cob
  • Steamed Green Beans

On top I put an egg. (I am a well-practised egg cook who normally gets them just right -  but was so short of time I quickly fried the eggs in a pan I was already using and managed to over cook them while serving up the other parts!!!)

The mushrooms really make it. They had a lot of flavour and some sauce which stirred through the rest and stood in really well where the meat would normally be.

It was really tasty, nutritious, kept both kids happy (because I only served them the parts they like), used up the things that are left from the vegie co-op and looks lovely on the plate (apart from the overcooked egg!!!) I think I'll work on different versions of this in the future. The only downside was the amount of pans I used!

I've also mixed up all the left-overs as a savoury rice for tomorrows lunch thermoses.

Feels good to rediscover a food you've loved and lost!
Also feels good to have written again.


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