4 Apr 2012

Cookbook of the Month - "Vegetarian" By Alice Hart

I love this book!

I don't technically own it, but I feel I do. My library conveniently bought it but insists I leave it there now and then, though mostly it sits happily in a stack in my family room!

Last time I had it I made Smoky Blackbean and roast tomato soup and carrot and corriander fritters with haloumi and sweet lemon dressing and both were great and different and I was sold.

Over the past fortnight I have made:-
* Cumin Potato Skins and Guacamole - Thus was very tasty and pretty simple - I put potatoes in before starting the fruit co-op sort, then when I'd finished they were ready to hollow out, crispen up and fill (in about 20 minutes)
* Spiced Pumpkin and feta Puff Pastry Tarts - Eva made this. Simple and looked striking. Made great lunches too.
* Camembert, watercress & marinated figs with walnut dressing - We loved this. The figs and the dressing were the highlight - I couldn't get watercress and just did it with green oak lettuce but will do it again and get the cress next time. We are still using the sweet figgy balsamic leftover in dressings and loving it! Plus I got to use my home-made camembert.

* Smoky Blackbean and roast tomato soup (Again) - This is so good to eat (though the colour of the soup isn't stunning) The corn salsa that is served on it really lifts the dish. This will become a staple!

* Salad Potato Griddle cakes with olives and poached eggs - Yum, potato cakes! We always have a potato glut, many eggs in the neat and olives in the pantry so I can see this coming out again. I managed to make it whilst chatting to a friend whilst our kids ran through and only a small bit of attention was being paid to the process - and they still were great! A little salad, lemons from the tree, a whole meal!

I still have quite a few planned to try in coming weeks:-

  • Their Entire Breakfast Chapter!!
  • Butternut Pumpkin & corriander felafel with cucumber Yoghurt
  • Potsticker Dumplings with Black Vinegar dipping sauce
  • Spring Vegetable Pakoras
  • Warm Salad of slow-roast Tomatoes, Labne, Almonds and Mujadhara (rice and lentils)
  • Quinoa with parsley Pesto, Cranberries, hazelnuts and mushrooms
  • White Gazpacho
  • Winter squash and corn chowder
  • Cashew fried rice
  • Parsnip, sage and Mascarpone risotto
  • Braised Aubergine with bok chot, peanuts and thai basil
  • Sambal Telur (a Malaysian egg curry)
  • Shredded root vegetable gratin with creme fraiche and gruyere

Sadly due to an oversight in returning another book this one can't be renewed now and the library want it back again! The sooner they accept it really belongs with me where it is loved the better!!


Update 4 July 2012. I have now made the Spring Vegetable Pakoras, which were fabulous. Follow the link in the list above.

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